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  • Gambler Platter

    Potato skins, crispy chicken tenders, eggrolls and cheese sticks.

    only $15.99

    only 6-$7.50 10-$12.50 16-$17.49 24-$23.49 48-$41.49 100-$76.99
    Sirloin Steak

    Our signature sirloin, fire-grilled to perfection.

    only $15.99
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23-01-2013Maverick's Daily Specials

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From the Grill
NY Strip

A steak lover's steak, fire-grilled and topped with portabella caps and blue cheese alfredo sauce.

only $21.99
Rib Eye

A well marbled steak fire-grilled to your specifications

only $19.99
Double Down

Choose any two items from our chef's specialties of 1/4 rack of ribs, grilled shrimp, chicken breast or a 6oz. sirloin.

only $16.99